Questions about Power Disable Feature on He10 HDD'S

Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking of buying a few He10 HDD’s that would be installed into my desktop PC via Serial ATA but i’m being cautious of the Power Disable Feature.

In the Power disable PDF in the section titled “Ultrastar He10 SATA Part Numbers - Without Power Disable feature” it lists a HDD with Model No. HUH721010ALE604 which means this HDD doesn’t have Power Disable Feature but on Amazon’s listing for that exact model there are reviews (good reviews) saying that this HDD still has Power Disable Feature?

Is there a definitive list of HGST HDD’s that don’t have the Power Disable Feature? I’ve got 4 HGST HDD’s that I’ve had for a while and they’ve worked beautifully so i’d like to stay loyal to the company.

P.s I know you can get around all this with a simple molex adapter but where i work, in every case of fire/burn marks occurring in a customers computer it has always occurred on the end of a molex cable. Thus i will never install a molex adpater in my PC.

Thanks, Joseph.