Questions about photo playback and enhancement suggestion

Questions about photo playback.

Are there more settings that I am not seeing? The system doesn’t seem to respond that well to fastforward and it does’t even let me fastforward or rewind if it is in slideshow mode.

If there are no secrets to this, then I would recommend to the Product Manager that the interface for photo navigation could be improved significantly with some mior tweeks. Also, the folder navigation could be improved by indicating the directory path of the folder that you are currently in when browsing any file.

Thanks, Any adivce would be appreciated.

the fast forward issue has been a common complaint amongst users.  so, it’s definitely a request being made to increase the speed.  File navigation is also being complained about.  you should check the idea exchange to see if what you’re wanting hasn’t been already posted.  if it hasn’t you should post these as ideas. if they have been posted, you should add your comments and vote on them.

Another suggestion is the ability to start a slideshow on all photos of a folder including subfolders. My photo library is classified with folders by year and month. So I’m unable to start a slideshow on, for example, year 2010. Selecting the folder 2010 and pressing the play button will show an error saying that this folder doesn’t contain any photo because it only contains folders.

And, by the way, there’s a bug when pressing the option button while being in the folder navigation of photos or music. When pressing the option button, the sort menu appears, but it’s impossible to move the cursor. This bug only occurs in photos and music folder navigation. In the video navigation, the sort cursor is working properly. Maybe I’ll have to repost this bug in another section.



You might want to post this in the Ideas Lab so that the product group can see it.  At least they can verify if it’s a bug or not.

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