Questions about New WD TV Live Hub Media Player

Hi, I just received my new TV Live Hub in the mail. I’m unsure how to watch my Movies on my External through the TV Live Hub. The TV Live Hub replaced My WD TV Live. I plugged my 2tb external drive into it and now it says “Compiling Media Library” How long does this usually take? Also it asked me if I would like to sync my drive to it’s internal. What does that mean? Thanks

Media Library Compilation refers to the process of scanning and consolidating the files so that you can easily browse and locate the files. It can take several minutes depending on the amount of files the usb drive has. When it asked about syncing the data it wants to know if you’ll like to transfer the files to the HUB storage. I got this info from the user manual of the Live Hub, I’ll suggest you to take a look at it , i found lost info i did not know about the product.


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my player has been doing this for three days.  Is this normal should I leave it, or should I do some reset

Try a factory reset and then plug the drive back, the library compilation should go smoothly after that.

pull the power cord out of the back, wait 5 seconds and reinsert. should compile for no more than 15 minutes