Questions about my new 2TB MBL.. I'm so confused and kinda frustrated

Hi everybody

I’ve just gotten a 2TB MBL and I’ve been slowly adding my pictures, videos, music into the public folders. I’ve got a few questions that I’m hoping somebody can give me some insight to.

  1. Folders copied to my MBL will cannot be edited most of the times… I can occasionally delete a file, change a folder name but generally I get a message that says “You require permission from MYBOOKLIVE\nobody to make changes to this folder”

… I’m not sure what to do, any options in the dashboard show that as admin I have full access… Sometimes if I close Windows explorer and reopen it, I can make ONE edit, all subsequent edits give me the above permision message…  so  yeah, very confused.

  1. my green LED is constantly blinking… I understand from reading through the forums that its a sign that its working. Most likely indexing all the newly added files so that Twonky can list them properly.

… would this be why I can’t properly edit folder names or delete files? Maybe its too busy? I don’t know :frowning:


For #1, make sure your PC isn’t connecting via WEBDAV.

Thanks for the response.

I read through the link you posted and it looks like my system is using the proper protocol. 

I just tried deleting/editing this morning. I was able to delete a folder on my first attempt but on my second attempt to change a folder name, I got another permission warning. I need to figure out how to access MYBOOKLIVE\nobody and get permission to change folder names (or delete folders)