Questions about Acronis True Image WD Edition

1 - How can I restore a single partition that I have had a backup image of it with Acronis True Image WD Edition ?? Is that possible or I should be able only to restore an entire Hard disk ??

2 - Say I wanna restore Partition “C:”. That means partition C: will be deleted then restored by the backup image, right ? Now I wanna rescue some files on drive C: before restoring the backup . Is that possible from the Acronis boot CD, is there a file browser or something that allows me to copy files from a partition to another like in “Norton Ghost” ?

It’s easy to restore individual files. Just go in with explorer and copy it to where you want it. I’ve only done that a couple times. I’ve only restored my system partition. I make a separate image of each partition.


Thx alot Joe

but how do u restore a single partition , when i tried to do that Acronis deleted my other partitions . can u please give me a steps for that ( using Acronis True Image WD Edition Boot CD ) .

You just use the program to make the CD. When you boot from the CD it loads a Linux app and Windows is not running, it doesn’t install anything. When I backed Up I made a folder for System and Imaged my C drive there I just check C and do a full backup. I do the same with D where my data is and put that in a folder Data. I’ve restrored C a few times but never D. Here are some videos that might help  Be careful selecting the partition to restore the Letters may not match check size.


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Thx alot, Joe . That was helpfull

here is another usefull video I found :

But I still can’t explore files through Acronis Boot CD ! where is that “Explorer” thing ??

To restore an individual file just access the drive from Windows, explorer is part of Windows. I just looked around like on regular HD and copied the files I wanted back to PC. I’ve only done it a couple of times.


I mean how to rescue files with the help of Acronis Boot CD if your Windows OS is damaged ? is there a way to do that ?