Questions about a 1 TB Elements Destop external drive from 2009


I have an elements 1 TB desktop external drive that I obtained in 2009, and I have a couple of questions.

First, I see that there’s a knoledge base article about power adapters for WD products. However, the links that are supposed to point to the product pages look a bit out of date. So my question is this: Are the current 18 volt power supplies currently available compatible with older elements desktop drives like mine?

Second, will my older drive work with Windows 10, or will I need to get a new drive and transfer files?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Hi Stefen,

These drives are no longer being manufactured, however, I suggest you contact WD Support to check if they still have some in inventory.
Also, your drive should work with Windows 10, but I do suggest you keep a backup of your data just in case.

Ah okay, will try support. I just really needed to know if the current 18 volt adapters were compatible with older drives since the links to the product pages in the knowledge base article aren’t even the right format. They end up redirecting you to the main WDC page. The plastic on my adaptor’s cord is starting to crack, and even though that’s just a 18 volt adapter, that sounds a bit dangerous.

Thanks for the reply.

Oops. Not 18 volt, 12 volt. It’s 18 watts. This is why I’m not an electrical engineer. Lol.


Take a look at this link. Maybe it will help.


This is in fact the page I was talking about in my original post. It gives a link to the 18 watt adapter, but the link appears to be out of date. It takes you to:

This redirects me to The current page for the 18 watt adapter is:
all I need to know at this point is if that current adaptor is compatible with my older drive, or if I need to find an alternative from a third party.