Is it safe to format external hard drives with smartware like my books and  my passports to fat32? As far as i know, if you format those drives it will have complications because there is a smartware that ruins the partition or file format. The only advisable to format drive to fat32 are those without smartware like wd elements? Am I correct or not? And is this safe to use: . It is called ntfs 3g that can read or write in almost all operating system. 

I love wd drives but not a fan on their softwares!

WD does not recommend formatting drives with Smartware to FAT 32, as you stated, it might corrupt the data, specially if you use the WD Smartware software.  Now drives without Smartware, they are safe to use under FAT 32.

Do you want to use this on Windows and Mac both? Check out this post look at post 6 it explains it better.