Question - USB Compatibility with UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

Is the MBLD compatible with typical UPSes?  Most UPSes have a data port that can notify your device to allow for graceful shutdown in the event of a power failure.  I don’t see any power options in the WebUI.

My MBLD is unfortunately setup at home and I am out of town.  The power has cut out twice now (I’m in a new development and power tends to go out frequently) and I’m told the drive ‘sounds unhappy’ when it powers back on (ie noisy drive activity for over half an hour).

I suppose simply adding a UPS without the data cable may alleviate the problem if the failure is short, however, my next step would be to try and get some sort of notification if the drive is shutting down (ex: some of the bigger NAS devices that I’ve used are NUT compatible).


As far as I know the MBLD doesn’t have that type of power options.