[question] tv show sorting + folder thumbnails


2 questions:

  1. I am using season folders on the HDD for tv shows. Each season folder contains a true folder.jpg file. but somehow the hub doesn’t huse them. Any idea why?

  1. al of a sudden the sorting of the episodes is weird. example: it starts with E07 and followed by E01, E02, E03 etc etc

Before it was working well. but somehow now it’s al *$&(#) up :stuck_out_tongue: runnig FW 3.07.14

again, why does this happen? the xml files look the same (ofcourse other name and episode number etc). They were build by sickbeard. but i can’t see the difference. so why is the HUB sorting the files this way? :S

First, try clearing the media library.  If you had a different for the file then changed it but didn’t clear the media library it will use the old title (because it’s cached) to sort the flies.

If that doesn’t do anything, then don’t put the “.” in the episode name.


Try Naming like this:

Dexter.S07E06: Do the Wrong Thing

clearing the media library solved the sorting problem :slight_smile:

Now i need to find out why the folder.jpg inside the season folders doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

it may be that the cover art is a .metathumb file than just rename folder.jpg to folder.metathumb

Yes, if you’re using .metathumbs then you can’t use folder.jpg, neither can you use folder.metathumb you have to use either “1.metathumb” or “a.metathumb”.

When you use the internal scrapper it use .metathumbs for the coverart and they do not cohabitate with .jpgs. And when using metathumbs it will use the first metathumb as the folder so you have to name your folder thumb as the first metathumb.

awesome. it is working now :smiley: thx!