Question to WD Engineers!

I am a proud owner of WD TV Live for the past few months. Primarity purchased to be able to watch Indian channels through YuppTV app, as Roku ditched several Ethnic channel providers, to provide DishWorld an opportunity to monopolize International content providing services on their platform.

I was also looking at purchasing a device that can seamlessly stream loads of VOB, MKV, FLAC contents that I have on several of my external hard discs.

And WD TV was the perfect fit for my needs once it started carrying YuppTV.

I have been happy with the device so far, but the device definitely has some problems that need attention. 

I submitted a new issue on the WD TV Issues reporting thread. My case was moved to ‘In Review’ overnight, but there has been no updates since then.

We can see the number of threads in the Issue reporting section is more than 25% of the number of threads in the general discussion - which is an alarmingly high number.

There have been no words yet from the Engineers of WD about their plans on fixing these issues.

WD TV Live can become a real Market leader, if these issues are addressed on a timely fashion.

I request the concerned Engineers to read the recent reviews on online retailer websites like Most of the recent reviews are negative and that will definitely reduce the sales numbers big time.

Below are some issues that I am seeing very frequently:

* There will be no audio on online services streaming (Youtube, Yupp TV etc), if I watch something via USB hard disc and then switch to Online services. Sometimes, it resolves when I keep changing the service I am trying to see.

   Example: I will be watching a .VOB movie via external hard drive for a couple of hours, try to watch a channel on YuppTV - there will be no audio.

     I will go to Youtube… again no audio

     I will go to tunein… again no audio

    Again Youtube… no audiot

    Agan tunein… Now, there will be audio.

    Again go to YuppTV and watch my channels…

   This is a major issue that was reported by several users. 

* Media library compilation

    -  Takes for ever!

    - Sometimes, when I add a new movie into my hard drive and connect to WD TV, it just would not show up! even after a restart it wont show up. I have to connect the hard drive back to my computer, and delete the .wd_tv folder, and then connect the hard disc back to the USB port of WD TV Live for the new folder to show up.

* Rear USB port loses connection with external hard drive frequently. The port does not really fit a USB cable from WD’s own passport hard drives. Hard drive gets disconnected frequently when connected from rear.

* Sometimes, the remote’s response is unusually slow… it takes 4-5 seconds to recognize the press of a button. Most of the times, I end up pressing multiple times, and ultimately ends up all the way back into the Home screen.

Straight forward question to folks working for WD (if they are listening here)… Are you really aware of these problems? What are the actions you have been taking to resolve these errors?

What is your Q&A team doing?

I feel you dude…

Most of the times when the firmware release comes not all of the issues are addressed

I guess WD has a priority of issues that need to be resolved first

Anyhow, have you contacted support for assistance?

Most of these problems are faced by almost all users and Support should be already aware of these issues.

I will anyways contact them and make a formal case of issue, so they will no another customer is facing the same problem.

They’re probably too busy adding yet another obscure streaming-service, which will then be either removed three months later or won’t work after a couple of weeks due to API-changes, which won’t be fixed in time due to slow firmware-updates.

Fixing bugs of core-features like videoplayback etc. is totally out of the question. What a silly thought!

WD Engineers are out enjoying WD Q1, 4 billion revenue as i just saw the news at RSS. Hence there is no reply to your post from them…Cheers…