Question regarding WD TV Live Hub and Airport Express for Streaming Music

Hi there

I have a WD TV Live Hub (and love it) in my lounge and this is on my network through WD Livewire Homeplugs.

I wanted to know if i could stream music to a stereo elsewhere in the house using something like Apple’s Airport Express (i don’t have the Airport Extreme) or any other similar device that can pick up the network from the homeplugs and push it to a hi-fi.

I have an iphone that i could then use (using Zappo TV or itunes or something) to control the music going to the hi-fi without being in that room or having the TV on.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The hifi you are streaming to will need to be dlna compatible and then it will show up as a play to device in apps like zappotv. There’s an iPhone app called 8player which does really nicely although I have only played with the free version. Else and airport express would work but as far as I understand you would basically be playing from you phone to the speakers rather than from the hub itself ie streaming from the hub through your phone.

Thanks for the response.

The hifi is an old one and hence is not DLNA compatible.  The question was that if i had an apple airport express plugged into the hifi, would this show up as an output device on something like Zappo TV or the Sony Network Player app?

i think (hope) i have resolved this by buying a Sony network hifi (NAS SV20i) for £129 that should be able to stream the music directly from the hub using the (free) Sony Media app on the iphone (i also have a Sony internet TV and Sony media streamer in another room that can also benefit from the PARTY STREAMING settings).

Hopefully that should do the trick.