Question regarding the FAN used by WD My Cloud EX2


Just frustrates the poop out of me that WD can’t fix the fan controls. How easy it would be!
Bought some machine screws and nuts and mounted the infinity fan. Hokey
but works.

not sure if you’re monitoring this thread … but i decided to implement your method, utilizing my the correct file “BVBZ…” for my application (EX2 Ultra), the only thing i did not do verbatim to your steps is that I created a new folder in Public and placed the 2 files inside that.
also using the same temperatures you are in your example.

my EX2 only has 1 drive installed.

getting the drive up to around 42-44C, the fan still registers 0 RPM in the diagnostics panel.
not sure if the temperatures that trigger the fan are some other temperature than the drive’s; which is displayed in diagnostics panel ?

I confirmed that the fan indeed works, by using the fan_control command from the earlier post.

i am wondering if something might have changed since 2017, where there may be other settings in another file that control when the fan spins up, or the procedure for doing this is now different than it was back then ?


i saw fan activity in the diagnostic panel when i tried loading the drive with file operations for about an hour (streaming 7-8 videos, doing backups, etc.).

does not look like the info displayed in the diagnostic panel updates too frequently … so i didn’t see an accurate picture of how the fan was running.

since i keep the unit inside a furniture enclosure, was not apparent when it did spin up.

conclusion is that fan is coming on sooner or at least it is coming on around the 43-44C mark for drive temp.

thanks for all the detailed info on how to do this !

For thos here struggling with excessive fan noise and high NAS temps in their EX2 or EX2 Ultra, I added a simple 4 inch fan from Amazon ($10) that is USB powered from the back of the NAS and it DRASTICALLY helped to reduce the internal heat. My internal NAS fan now doesnt turn on after 30 nins whne the NAS used to reach 60 deg C !!! and never come down and the NAS fan made it sound like a jet was flying by!!!
EVen with the USB fan on medium speed the NAS fan doesnt turn on unless I switch the external USB fan off. Its a game changed. The NAS fan would kick on at about 55 deg C which to me is way too late.
I recently upgraded the hDDs in my MyCloud EX2 Ultra from the stock 2 TB drives to two 10 TB drives but I didnt realize the change would mean the whole NAS would run MUCH hotter and cause the fan to be on constantly and NOISY (whereas the stock drives were very quiet and fan barely needed to come on under normal loads)
You can use any USB fan but the one I got and is working great for me is the one on Amazon. Search for
" AC Infinity MULTIFAN S1, Quiet 80mm USB Fan for Receiver DVR Playstation Xbox Computer Cabinet Cooling "

Hope this helps

I’ve been struggling with high temps in my EX2 Ultra as well. I’ve bought it about three years ago, replaced the original 2Tb 5400RPM disks with 8Tb 7200RPM drives and everything ran fine for a long time. A few months ago I started getting temp alerts, with the hard drives reaching 60C/140F. At least twice the unit has shutdown. In one of them, I’ve lost my iSCSI targets. Had to restore the files. As kinglerxt, I’ve placed a small fan on top of the NAS. It has helped to reduce the temperature, but only for some time. And I started getting the alert emails again. As a last resort, I was about to remove the plastic cover to allow a better air flow. And then I realized… This model is poorly designed. The fan is installed vertically at the front of the NAS, right behind the plastic cover. But the only open parts are top and bottom. So the only possible air flow is from bottom to top, behind the fan !!! Just please don’t ask me why the fan was placed vertically. It doesn’t make any sense to me. And because the rubber “feet” broke free, it was seating directly on the table. So there could be no air flow at all. I then glued the rubber feet again, and placed it in a way the bottom center is about an inch from the table. And, believe it or not, problem solved. Disks now run at 50C-52C, even with internal fan at 6K RPM … If you’re dealing with temp issues, try to “raise” your EX2 so the bottom center gets about an inch from the surface, allowing a better air flow. If it’s not enough, try also placing an USB fan on top of the NAS. Might work with the fan under the NAS as well. Hope it helps.