Question - playing mp4 video files from a remote location

Hello! - I have a 3tb MyCloud. I’ve taken the time to convert my dvds to mp4 files, so that I can watch my movies on my Kindle, using the MyCloud app. It works GREAT here at home, and I am very pleased with the quality and performance.

However, from other locations, here is what’s happening… The first twenty minutes or so of the file plays perfectly. After that, annoying pauses while (apparently) the next small section of the file loads.

After reading some posts, I’ve tried using the apps “settings” to set the cache to max size available. Also, turning OFF the “sleep mode” through my dashboard…

Has anyone experienced similar difficulties…?

Any ideas on what can be done to improve this situation…?  THANKS IN ADVANCE!


Are you accessing the unit from a public connection? Are you able to test with a different device?

What firmware are you running on the unit?

So far, I’ve tried three different internet connections - none of them were public access…

Also, have tried with three different devices - two different Kindle HD’s and one iPhone 5S, each device utilizing the MyCloud app…

I’m really looking forward to solving this puzzle, since the main reason I bought the MyCloud and invested a couple of months converting my dvds is so that my kids (both adults and not living at home) can access our movies without bothering with dvds.

Thanks for the response!

Forgot to mention… latest firmware via auto update a couple of weeks ago…