Question on XML

I did a “get info” for a movie.  It worked fine. I want to update the genre field so it has a different value. After I have sucessfully update the xml, I check the results.

The updated field shows correctly in the movie info page, but when I try and “filter” the genre, the new genre type doesn’t  show up.  I forced a recompile, but that doesn’t seem to help.

So, the question is: How do one get the internal database to reflex the new genre types ? Or is this not possible


As far as I know, right now, you can’t.   

The “Media Library” data for a movie is added when you do the “GET CONTENT INFO”.

The XML file is created at the same time with the data that’s fetched.

Changing the XML does NOT change the MEDIA LIBRARY’s data.

We’re all hoping this gets changed in the future.

I also had the same Q.  ie:  How can I set the ‘genre’ to a name like ‘Slide Show’ that the WD TV Live Hub will recognize and filter properly?  Modifying the xml file displays, but doesn’t get filtered.  

The conclusion to the same question prior indicated SOLVED.    The response should have been ANSWERED,  BUT NOT SOLVED.  


I suppose one could search the internet for a movie that has the identical genre that you’re looking for.   Then 1)  do a GET CONTENT INFO on that ‘other movie’;  and then 2) update the xml to display the content info for ‘my movie’…

What did the earlier response say regarding a fix for this was to mofify the firmware?   I thought “get a good book” was funny - but may be the solution.    Thanks    :-)