Question on the media hub

in order to transfer 1080p movies do you have to connect your WDC Live Hub to your computer  via USB cable… I Thought that you could transfer the movies files to you’re WDC Media Hub via Wireless  pc 2 Hub



You can’t connect the HUB to a PC via USB.  To transfer files, either map the HUB as a network drive or it should be visiable as a network location.

Use Windows Explorer-> Network -> Computer Simply copy your files as if it was a normal hard drive. You can create folders etc. *Both your PC and WDTVLIVEHUB must be on the same network (hooked to your router) **Speed will vary. Wi-Fi (wireless) is slowest. Options are: 1. Wi-Fi 2. Ethernet 3. USB hard drive or thumbstick I highly recommend you disable the auto synch option for USB. You don’t want it copying files automatically every time you hook up a USB device. If you have a lot of files and are on wi-fi it might be best to temporarily hook BOTH your PC and the HUB up using the wired (Ethernet) cables as that is usually about 4x the speed of wi-fi.

Thanks I got it