Question On Temperatures

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I was writing some large and small data files from my System drive to my WD My Passport Ultra 500 GB portable drive. According to the spec sheet, a normal operating temperature is between 5° C and 35° C. My HDD monitoring app registered a high temperature of 42° C after the drive had written the 30 GB of data I was copying to it.

Tech Support says this is “average” but if I don’t trust the drive I should have it replaced under warranty. What does the Community think? Do people have any specific experience with operating temperatures - are mine high or normal?

People’s experiences would be much appreciated.



Make sure to place the Passport in a well ventilated space. You can try using another USB cable or connecting the Passport to another PC to verify if the problem continues. To rule out any possible hardware damage you can run a DLG test. 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows 

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@jubei04: Thanks for replying. The drive sits on top of the desk, there is nothing even close to it. As for testing, the SMART test says its fine, but the temperature numbers are 33° C at rest with a fan blowing on it, and 42° C and climbing when accessed. Given that the at rest temp is just 2° below the maximum specified temperature, I’m returning the drive for replacement.

OUTRAGE:  WD is replacing a brand new drive, never used, with a refurbished drive with a 4 month warranty, not the 3 year warranty I paid for. WD is a sleazy company that I will no longer do business with. Seagate here I come.