Question on retrieving files from My Pasport

Hi there,
I’m trying to get files from my mothers old computer, onto her laptop. I have uploaded all the old files onto the My Passport drive. I then plugged it into the laptop, and uploaded all the photo files from the laptop onto the My Passport drive. Now I’d like to retrieve the old files from the desktop onto the laptop, however when I go to retrieve, I am only given the option to retrieve the laptop photos. The drive shows that there are other files (the desktop computer files) but it just lists them as “other”

Any suggestions?



Sounds like the files were uploaded different on the drive.How did you copied the files on the passport from the old computer? If it was manually or using a different software than the one that you are using right now, you will need to copy the files the same way.

If it was copy and paste, you wont be able to retrieve the files using the backup software. That’s why they are showing as other.

Thanks for the quick reply! After I posted my question, I found I had overlooked some options in the program interface, and actually there was an option to retrieve the files I wanted. So problem solved! Thanks again for following up.