Question on MyCloud configs

I apologize if this seems obvious, but I don’t know a lot about this device…

I was planning on purchasing one of these devices for our company to store raw data that a scientific instrument generates.  I know I can give this puppy an IP and have it be visible on our network, but I had two questions –

How does the drive handle access?  Is it set up locally or will this use authentication protocols if we set it up that way?

And secondly, can this drive be connected and written to by a Desktop via USB while the unit is also connected servicing network requests?

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Dan Elias

EDIT: So it looks like you CAN connect direct to a PC and transfer data via Ethernet.  As there are 2 Ethernet connections on the EXT, can this be connected to a network at the same time so that the data is accessible by remote hosts access the device via IP as well as the locally connected PC?


Connecting the drive directly to a computer while having it connected to a router at the same time is not supported.

dgelias, I think you are in the wrong forum, this is for the the basic single drive mycloud and there are not 2 ethernet ports on it