Question on FPS and about Upscaling

Currently I have a bunch of 1:1 blurays that are all at 23.976 framerate so that is what I set the WD live at when playing those using an hdmi connection

now I also have a bunch of 1:1 NTSC Region 1 dvds which I belive all are 29.97fps correct? my first question is should the fps in the wd tv live settings match the original source’s fps or will setting either bluray or dvd be better at 60fps? should my blurays which are 23.976 be set at 23.976 on the WD and dvds at 29.97 on the live or will putting everything at 60 make it better somehow or worse? guessing keep everything ats its intended fps right?..also im a little confused on what fps NTSC R1 dvds are at, is it 29.97 or 60? my 1080p tv is capable of true 24fps, 60fps, 25, 30, and 50 and can do 120 good but not 23fps i dont think so should i just change it to 24 for bluray or 120 or keep at 23 which the tv doesnt support so im guessing it changes it to 60 cuz it plays fine…so would setting it to 120 be even better?

next question is I use a 1080p tv for my bluray then go back to my tv which is only capable of 1080i when i watch regular dvds…when hooked up via hdmi to my 1080i tv what should i set the resolution to?..setting it to 1080p will upscale it right?..or should I set it to its native dvd resolution?

last question which is pretty basic is under aspect ratio when using a widescreen tv it should be set to widescreen not normal correct?

Im a newb at all this so bare with me if any of these seem like pretty stupid questions

Have you search the rest of the forum about this? I’d give it a try. Or, have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support about this? I would consider giving them a call or sending them an email.

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