Question on Foreign language support


I’ve been using unslunged LInksys NSLU2 for many years, and now I want to upgrade it to a gigabit speed NAS.

I’m interested in “WD My Book Live 2TB NAS” and wondering if it supports Korean language file name.

I found that “WD TV Live HD player” supports some foreign languages including Korean, but I could not find any information for supported languages of “WD My Book Live NAS”.


I just tested that following way:

Created filename ((한국어조선말.txt)  thru network share using korean lang characters.

Its shows normally.

Then in entered shell on MyBook Live and filename from there looks like this:


The shell doesn’t support Unicode…   Nor will it likely ever, since you’re not supposed to be in the Shell anyway… :wink:

Hi, jazzymood.

Being able to read korean file names through network shares is all I wanted.

I also get garbled characters on NSLU2 when I list korean charactered files in SSH shell.

Thanks for your help.