Question on backdrops

I have my movie collection stored in seperate folders with its own backdrops, XML etc. 

I noticed that WDTV Live SMP is creating hidden folder within each movie folder ( and storing backdrops there. 

Question 1 . Does this mean SMP is getting backdrops from the cache it created or is it downloading backdrops directly from internet every time. 

The reason I am asking this is to ensure SMP doesnt clog bandwidth every time when browsing through the movie collection.

Question 2. If I link to local backdrops (by editing XML) will SMP create duplicate backdrops again within hidden folder. 

Question 3. Is there a way to change the frequency at which SMP changes backdrops when I am on a  movie file. This is to avoid the annoyance of frequently changing backdrops. 

Hi This may help to answer some of your questions :-

Last but one comment ( by myself ) in the thread.

Adjust the backdrop time delay, by changing the setting for photo slideshow - in settings

Thanks tony0204. 

I forgot to mention my movies were on NAS so IP address was needed anyway, but will try without internet on.

Seems odd that the backdrop transition is linked to photo slideshows!!

Just one query. You mentioned

The movie that I had put a moviesheet.jpg in the same folder as the movie and edited the .xml file appropriately showed up as the backdrop, along with the metadata – Great.

Assume you linked backdrops locally here. Did it create .backdrop cache in this case too?


No did not put it into cach, the .jpg is in the same folder as the movie and edited the .xml so the referance is direct to it. I was tring to do my own backdrops and did not want to always be connected to the net. The bonus was to find that the backdrops i had downloaded for other movies using “get info” also worked with the net off - ( using the loopback as described )