Question: get backdrops from internal HD?


Is there any way to edit a video’s  xml file so that a backdrop jpg is used that has been uploaded to the WDTV LiveHub’s own internal drive? I would like to do this for my home (family) videos that have been placed on the hub.

It’s easy enough to edit an xml file to show your own choice of text (e.g.,  home video title, overview of contents, “actor” etc.).  Also, creating and displaying your own thumbnail  is straight forward. But I can’t figure out the code to use so that a backdrop of my own choosing is displayed. Should creating a folder for the backdrops and then adding a line like " WDTVHome/Movies/backdrops/homevideo.jpg " work?

No unfortunately.

I had a play myself, and with the great minds of these theme creators on this board, if its not been done yet, then it wont be.

You never know I suppose.

You could however make your own moviesheet up, as you can have your own backdrops on them.

Shame that. I’d like to see this implemented too.

I sometimes find navigating the videos quite sluggish/unresponsive, and I’m guessing that it has something to do with the background loading of the images. At least I hope that the reason for the unresponsivenes…?

Yeah I was initially impressed, but the way they swiped and jumped when you moved from film to film started to annoy me.

I am using Movie Sheets now, so they are not part of the system, it does not seem any faster, as I have other sheets that pop up now, so its much the same performance wise, I just have better info and looks on the screen now I think.