Question from Newbie: How install a External 1.5TB HDD?

Hello Everybody, I have installed a WDTV Live Hub.  I bought it from Best Buy.  I just bought too a Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1.5 TB External HDD. 

When I connect this External Disk the Hub just ask me if I want to sync and I apply for it but I cannot find the hard disk attached to the system. 

Exist some kind of procedure to attach this kind of equipment? Or Do I need format the external HDD in a different way, I mean FAT32 or NFTS ?

The system work just perfect but I cannot make Hub attach this HDD.  Please, for give me, if this a silly question but I have tried to find some answer in the forum but I couldn’t.

If it asked you if you want to sync, then it detects the HD just fine. The HD will be listed as LOCAL STORAGE, then by USB1 or USB2 depending on which port it’s plugged into.

Thanks for your fast response.  I will check when I get home tonight. 

Ok, It is working.  Can I make it or convert it as insternal drive?