Question from a relative noob

Alright - so far my system looks like this:


  • 1 WD Live- connected to the router

  • 1 WD My Book Live 2 TB NAS connected directly to my router

My plan was to get a WD Live Plus for my main floor system and run a long CAT 6 cable above my drop ceiling and up through the floor to the main system.  This way I’ll be dealing with a wired network and won’t need to worry about lagging via wifi.

Now for the question -  there are a few people in my city that are selling WD Live Hubs for reasonable prices.  Based on the above, would a WD Live Hub work well with the WD My Book Live?  I’d essentially have 2 NAS devices hooked up on the same network.  If there is no problem, I’d essentially be getting 1 TB or HD space for the same price as the WD Live Plus.

The live hub would work fine and it also has a TB inside there fore you wouldnt need to stream your my book world.