Question from a potential buyer

Sorry if this has been asked anywhere before, I did browse. But I was wondering, if I connect the WD TV live up to my yamama rx-667 av erciever via HDMI, would it playback DTS-HD (true hd) and such audio codecs that are found on most bluray/mkv movies, in full surround sound?

Cheers, Jimbo

Yes, it will play it back, but only the DTS CORE.   Not the HD extensions.

Will that have any severe effect on quality? 

That’s subjective.

My opinion is that you won’t even notice the difference, unless you’re comparing DTS-HD MA 7.1… 

I have held on to my WD HD Live for two years now expecting DTS-HD MA support. No Dice. Other players support it. WD explanation…they don’t want to ■■■■ off the DTS people so they can keep online content. This is a media player. More customers want DTS-HD MA than to be able to view YouTube videos.

Well I have waited long enough. I have just purchased a Zotac AD10 on eBay. Supports TrueHD and DTS-HD MA via ATI 6310 card. It is just a smidgen larger than the WD HD, looks far cooler, has 2 2.0 USB and 2 3.0 USB ports, a remote. Little more expensive, but… wait for it…wait for it…it will run XBMC… The cats [Deleted] of media players. Throw out your modded XBox, daddy’s home!!!

Bye, Bye WD


P.S. Oh yea and it has a 2.5" 350 internal hard drive, which can be replaced by a Sata 6GB/sec SSD and supports up to 4GB DDR3 for faster bootups.

@Phoenix2000; Savvy people are purchasing the HP N36L server adding a HDMI graphics and sound card. The final product is far superior and cheaper than the Zotac AD10.