Question for Experts


I have a question which I think experts on the WDTV can help me answer.

Due to lack of budget (not news nowadays) I had to implement a soft RAID1 with 2x1Tb HDD in order to keep my media save from disc failures.

I am using a NAS dongle adapter (Ethernet to 2xUSB ports) which is connected to my gigabit switch.

What I basically do, is to mirror everything from HDD1 to HDD2 achieving what I call a soft RAID1.

If my WDTV is connected to the same network (by the way, music, movies and pics are on HDD1),

  1. How can I make sure the WDTV does not duplicate the contents on my HDD1 since HDD2 is a mirror and is on the same network?

  2. Can I somehow block the WDTV access to HDD2?

I just released I will end up with duplicates of all my media due to my Poor’s man NAS/RAID1.