Does anyone have any experience in letting me know that a generic USB hub can be connected to the WD TV Live HUB to increase the possibility of having extra USB ports? for additional storage or networking devices?

WD claims that you can connect USB Keyboard for better usability of the interface, but each time a user plugs in a USB device, it shortens the capability of having local USB drives/ports, If one goes for keyboard, one goes for WIFI then there is nothing left for local USB based storage.

Well you get the idea, just wanted to know if USB Hub Support is planned in the future? in the WD TV LIVE Hub?

FYI, the latest BETA FW for WDTV Live does support Generic USB hub! 

I just need an official answer, Please WD post your replies.


On page 9 of the manual it says:

Note: This device does not support USB hubs.

However it is reasonable easy to see if that is true or not.

Manual says you can’t but I haven’t tried it…

You still have pretty much unlimited space - if you fill the internal drive, and run out of USB ports you can always add a NAS (such as the My Book Live) to your network to add more space.

Plugged in a Targus hub that I had, the WDTVLive Hub only recognizes one of two drives hat I hooked up, even after powering all down and back up - so it appears that USB hubs do not presently work.

While buying a NAS is a solution, implementing USB hub functionality should be relatively easy.  For those of us who already have several USB drives, buying a NAS will be a hard sell to the “finance committee”.  Hindsight, a NAS would have been the route to go, but $100 for a drive vs $300-$400 for a NAS was the easier path.

I just use a Seagate Dockstar… Only paid 25 bocks for it. Not bad for a small movie nas with two 1terabyte drives hooked to it. You can also look at Pogoplug for more info

Thanks for the idea…do you HAVE to use the internet service (PogoPlug) for it to function as an internal netwrok NAS?

No you dont have to, only log on to internet when you first activate it

Thanks for confirming that you also attempted a USB hub and it does not seem to work :cry:

I know for sure that BETA releases for the WD TV LIVE and LIVE+ does support USB Hubs with Multiple HDD support from the same HUB, I am just hoping that it will work eventually when a new firmware for the WD TV LIVE hub is released.

Just 2 USB ports is a major limitation on this product especially when one goes to Wireless networking and other goes to a Wireless Keyboard for better input capablity where does one plug in their external HDD.

I am hopeful, I am sure WD will implement it, If the BETA firmware for the older WD TV LIve product can have this support, I am sure it can be very easily ported to WDTV LIVE Hub.

:wink: more support for hubs, More selling of WD drives! :wink:

I dont believe any of the WDTV support hubs. Where did you read that?

While it is not yet officially announced, However, it is clear that since BETA firmware 1.03.38_V on the WDTV Live it was discovered by some users of the BETA firmware  that USB hub support was added, I am not sure if the latest BETA still has that support moving forward or not, But You can read it here

FYI, I have personally checked this out, It works fine with 2 USB External HDDs in one hub connected to the rear port of the WDTV Live.

For details of which USB hubs were attempted and tested, please read the complete thread here

Hope this helps


I can confirm that I can use a cheapo generic USB HUB in the rear port of WDTV LIVE HUB for *ONE* USB 2.0 External HDD and *ONE* Buffalo WiFi Adapter on the USB hub simultaneously  Whoo! Booo! hoooo! :stuck_out_tongue:

But as of today with firmware Release 2.02.19 (12/1/10) it still does not support multiple USB External HDDs as of yet :neutral_face:

Looks that WD has put a limit on the number of USB external HDDs? to QTY 2 somewhere in the firmware code? or may be the support of Generic USB HUBs is very limited to certain USB devices only but definitely not for more than one USB EXT HDD

I am positive that on WDTV LIVE/LIVE+ the beta 1.03.4,xx firmware allowed me to have more than 1 USB EXT HDD connected to a generic USB 2.0 HUB, Let’s hope that someday WD decides to port that code into WDTV LIVE HUB to enable USB HUB support for external USB HDDs and also update the manual which currently states USB HUBS are not supported


I have a 2tb wd hard drive and a belkin wifi adapter plugged into a 4port USB hub in the back of my hub

The WDTV Live supports a hub with a custom firmware. In my opinion it will take only a few weeks that there will be a homebrew fore the WDTV Live Hub too. So it should be only a Firmware thing and not a hardware problem…

gandalf12 wrote:

The WDTV Live supports a hub with a custom firmware. In my opinion it will take only a few weeks that there will be a homebrew fore the WDTV Live Hub too. So it should be only a Firmware thing and not a hardware problem…

I read some posts on WDLXTV that the custom firmware will not be released soon for WDTV Live Hub because WD added security features to permanently disable NetFlix and BlockBuster - if the custom firmware is loaded, then the unit is re-flashed to the original firmware.

Doesn´t matter for me. Because i am from germany and don´t use NetFlix and BlockBuster. So nothing to loose for me. Only advantages with a homebrew…

… but it’s doubtful that B-RAD will create firmware soon because of that restriction.   He doesn’t want people loading his software and then blaming him for losing NetFlix and Blockbuster.

Though, you’re welcome to create your own!   The GPL source code is freely available on WD’s website.

If you read here

b-rad is saying that its too difficult.

Try plugging two hard drives in there plus the dongle, Then use the other port to plug in another hub and your remaining drive.

Sorry to drag up an old thread, but why don’t WD sell USB drivers that have a built in hub that is supported, then you can plug in a couple more WD drives to the master one ?

Would be great if you could daisy chain the power too.

Surley people would stick to WD drives  if they could be plugged together and was a supported solution :-S

As of FW 2.04.13, WD TV LIVE HUB still does not support USB hubs that has more than 1 external HDD connected. It still works with One ExT HDD connected to a generic USB hub and one Keyboard or WiFi Adapter.

May be some day!   It will be awesome if the HUB supports Multiple HDDs hanging off a USB hub… it will greatly increase the functionality of the device…