Question: Can I get movie info with default firmware?

I was using a theme previously but then decided to go back to default firmware. I left all the movie metadata which still shows up using default firmware, however the movie info is listed twice, once in the jpeg image and then again in text on the screen

is there a way to get movie metadata and movie poster thumbnail using default firmware?

I think you mean default THEME, not default FIRMWARE.

The reason your info is being duplicated is because the XML is referencing a backdrop that’s formated as a MOVIE SHEET, and has all the info hard-coded into the JPG itself.

So you’ll need to decide which way to go – either display it via the JPG using a movie-sheet-like theme, or have the built-in UI display it as text, in which case you’ll need to redo all your content info with standard backdrops.

Thanks for reply…so if I want to go with built in UI with text do I use thumbgen? or does wdtv do this itself? also, would that give me thumbnails of each move when viewing?

Yes you can use the media player to get the movie info.  You will need to turn the media library on.  Then go into 'Get information" or something like that (I’m having a brain lock at the moment).  This will also retrieve your thumbnail as well.

Just a note though, this will create a metathumb.  Not a problem within itself, but will mess around with your folder.jpg.

Otherwise use thumbgen or hubgen.  There are a few xml creators out there - just search for them on the forum.

Thanks! did not know that ‘hubgen’ existed…just downloaded and so simple to use…perfect for my needs