Question before I buy a EX2 Ultra

I just have a question about the EX2 Ultra before I buy one… I have a couple of windows desktops, Ipads, Android phone etc. Sometimes I might download from the web a PDF manual on my Android phone but currently can not look at this manual on my desktop unless I re-download it to the PC. Can I send these files straight to the EX2 Ultra and make that file accessible to all my devices. I don’t want the file to exist physically on all my devices. I just want a central place to store my data so I can get to it on all devices. This would be my first NAS so I just want to understand has this would work… BTW I am not interested in using it as a streaming device, just store my files centrally.

Thanks for the help!!

Hello there,

Yes you can, but probably will need to enable the “cloud access” in order for your phone to properly work with the Ex2 or install an app that let you connect to your nas without the need of the cloud access. (I personally use Cx File Explorer on my android instead).

Either way you can just “upload” any files from your phone to the Ex2.
The option to enable the “cloud access” and use the native “My cloud” app is the better option though.

I just didn’t use it as the “cloud access” option needs to index your files and since I already have a lot of info in it, it was going to take a couple of days of noise as it works on them, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you since you are starting fresh.

Hope it helps.

OK thanks… I have some digital photos to store on it but not like thousands.