Question and a problem (web access/360 streaming)

Hi all, i recently got my World Book up and running and everything has been going ok after the long copy of all my media! But here is a question and a small issue i have been having.


I would like to have a directory that i can upload some files that myself and friends can access on a need be basis. How would i set this up? Do me and them have to use that minonet or is there another solution? Also is it possible to use something like no-ip on it?


Ok i kinda figured this out with some more research but only with my ip and myuser and password, i would like to setup a guest account but im always told that username is reserved! Here is whrere i got the ftp info from:

Btw, how come im unable to view the above link in chrome? I have to open up FF to view WD site it seems :confused:


When im streaming media from My Book to my 360 i have noticed that audio is out of sync meaning i have had to result in watching the movie on the computer (works fine) i even had one movie playing perfect till about mid way then it was all out of sync and to me a movie like that just is not watch able! Is there anyway to fix this?

Thanks i advance for any help and/or information.

What is the codec of the audio files?