Question about Western Digital HD model #s

I am a newbie here.

I just purchased a Synology Ds2010 NAS Box. I’v read that the “green” drives do not work well

with RAID & NAS Boxes, so I’m looking at a Western Digital Caviar Black drive.

There’s 2 WD models being sold and one of them isn’t even listed on WDs site.

My question is, are both of the below drives the same.

One is bare and the other a retail box, both baring different model #'s

Synology lists the WD1001FALS 1 TB Drive as compatible. There’s also a retail WD Black Caviar with model#

WD10000LSRTL. They both appear to be t he same, however I’d hate to buy 2 of them and discover the latter isn’t compatible or as compatible and live a shorter life.

Thanks In advance

I just learned the hard way that Caviars don’t do RAID.  They used to, but WD disabled “time-limited error recovery” on the newer models.  You must buy RAID Edition enterprise drives for $60 more each in the 1TB model.