Question About .VOB

My friend and me bought the new Hart family dvd (wrestling dvd for those who don’t know)  Anywho he ripped it for me as a TS so I could have the menus when i play it on my computer.  I tried it on my computer and it worked fine.  However, when i put it on my harddrive and play it on my WD TV HD (gen2), it plays it just like a reguler video file and there is no options for menu’s or anything of the sort.

Did we rip it wrong, or was I wrong when I assumed it had DVD Feature support?



You were wrong in assuming that WD would include such standard features as DVD menu support on their devices. I guess they assumed that their customers wouldn’t want it. Give it a few months and none of their customers will want it (because any that did will have moved on to better devices).

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alright thank you very much.  Guess i’ll stick to watching the DVD rips with menu support on my computer.  thank you

The Patriot Box Office supports DVD menus and also allows you to install a 2.5" HDD inside the unit.  It has a 10/100 Ethernet connector and costs less than the WD HD TV Live.  In fact, right now you can get a rebate on one…order from Tiger Direct by tomorrow (I think) and it 's less than 80 USD and includes a wireless adapter.  The U/I isn’t as good as the WD, so you’ll have to decide what you want.  Since my WD box just quit sending audio over HDMI, I’m going to jump ship to the Patriot box and forego the ability to use homebrew firmware to allow movie sheets in the U/I.