Question about USB port

Hello. i’m about to purchase this unit, but first i need to know if USB can be connected directly to a PC, like an external HDD, to fill data directly instead of using ethernet port.

If it’s only usable for expanding storage, since i dont need this feature, will a My Book Live give same use? any differences appart from the usb?


It will not work as external hdd if you plug it in directly to a pc via usb.

My Book Live does not have usb at all.

I have both units - World & Live and like My Book Live more, becouse it does have better hardware (more powerful cpu and more RAM) and also it runs Debian which is more superior than World Edition which runs ARM Linux.

Been reading a few review around and i see that my book live do looks like to have a much better transfer speeds, up to 100mb’s,  while world edition caps at 20/30mb’s, is this true?

Yes, Live speeds is much better.

I got ~45megabytes/sec constant speed when transfering large files from or to My Book Live.(6 - 20GB).

When transferring smaller files speed is even better.