Question about Time Machine files on My Cloud

out of curiosity i opened the TM share. I found several files that were small but no massive storage files. Is this normal? I can see the space of 122gb is taken up in the dashboard but that amount of data is not present in files i can view in the TM share file. I can understand why these files arent accessible but i was just wondering if all is ok.


ok so to help someone else, here is what i found out per cust. service. Please feel free to correct if i get this wrong:

one should not be able to see any other files except some basic small files on the TMbackup share unless you are on the original computer you backed up.

I assume these small files are for access by TM when you try to restore some files. I havent tried this on the original computer yet but i will when i get a chance. i maybe talking only to the ether , but maybe it will shed some light on how this thing works

Do you have to have a seperate share (user) for each machine on the home network.


as best as i can tell it creates one automatically when you upload from a different device. i uploaded pics from my ipad itunes from my mac and itunes from my wifes macbook… before i did all this i created seperate folders for each of us to keep everything seperated. later, i uploaded pics from my g note 2 and it created a file in public. i later uploaded pics from my wifes iphone and it too created a new share in public .

short answer is no appearently it creates a new one in public named after the machine/device. 

you can move the files around however

still cant get iphoto from macbook to upload… so far it is a PITA

Time Machine keeps your backups in .sparsebundle files. You can view their contents on a Mac as they are essentially folders but you cannot access their contents and the containted files directly. All you will be able to see in a .sparsebundle file are 8 MB files called “bands” which Time Machine uses to keep your backed up files at different points in time.