Question about Themes

I have 3 media players: 1 WDTV SMP + 2 Tvix (6500A, Xroid A1) + Synology NAS 411j + GigE switch, now, all of them working fine in a wired network, but I am having one problem, the diferent templates for each player. In the NAS each movie has your own folder, for tvix I used Tvixie, it was my first one, now, for SMP I am using ThumbGen - Mojo. The SMP filters its moviesheets well, but tvix does not. Now my doubt is. Is there a way to share templates for both, Tvix and SMP, with no conflict?

I’d appreciate your considerations.

I suggest you to check in the Tvix forums and see how to set it up with ThumbGen; do not get me wrong, I said this because you will have more chances to receive a reply from a Tvix user.