Question about the PI DRIVE NODE ZERO

When the product was announced I didnt quite understand what its potential was, and now that I do, and 16 dozen ideas floating around in my head they are all on back order.

So Looking at the specs its not 100% what I want but a good start.

However examiining it more and more it almost seems as though I could buy a BERRY BOOT along with a USB to SATA board and have the same idea, Just with more space.

However, looking at the “whats included” I see the listing for the USB Adapter board and that looks very much like a proprietary issue., Much like the GOOGLE speech hat in MAGPI a few month back.

BUT if I could use almost any generic adapter board that would be a huge boost for me and my projects.

I get that it would probably be more expensive, but since theres no restocking date,

any ideas would be appreciated