Question about the "intelligence" of the controller

Hello, new member here… I have a question. I was wondering how the controller deals with frequent, related small save files. like the ones generated by a game. Is the controller smart enough to recognize the stream of saves is coming from the same application with relative frequency (using multi-streaming perhaps), and keep those saves only in the SLC cache while the application is open, only to flush them to TLC when the “stream” stops (the application is closed)?

I ask because I have a new Blue 3D NAND 500 Gb, and was considering moving the Documents folder to a WD HDD 1 Tb I have in order to reduce writes… looked into the web and opinions are all over the place, some say it’s a must and others say it’s useless and unnecessary.

So, how does the controller deal with this type of situation (frequent updated files coming from the same open application)? Any hint? Is it worthy moving the Documents folder to an HDD?


Just some general info about the drive, but you might want to read over it.

That is exactly the article that made me think about this issue and ask the question. The explanation about how multi-stream works suggests that the controller is indeed “intelligent” in the sense of my question, but it is not specifically saying it, so I wanted to ask here in case one of WD’s tech people stops by and explains it a little, or anyone that has more in-detail knowledge.

What is your take? Does it make sense to move folders such as Documents to an HDD and sacrifice speed for the sake of more endurance, or is it unnecessary?

Not to me. Starts going bad on me I’ll buy another and restore from an image backup. 1TB SSDs are getting cheaper every month. :grin: