Question about streaming multiple Folders/Files


I had a couple questions I couldn’t seem to find answers to on the web. I just got my first WD TV Live Streaming Player today which is a HUGE upgrade from the Xbox’s mediocre streaming capabilities, as of now I’m extremley satisfied with this little things performance however I can’t seem to figure out a way to stream multiple things at once. When I used the Xbox’s Media Center I could go into TV Series > NAME and hit “Play All” and it would play all sub folders such as Season 1, Season 2 etc. so I was able to watch one episode after another. With this WD TV Live I go into ‘Movies’ and I see my shared ‘Media’ folder but I have to play each episode manually there is no way for me to que multiple Files or Folders if that makes sense. Am I missing something?

I’m pretty sure if you do not enter the folder but have it highlighted and press the PLAY button (not OK button) it will play everything inside the folder.