Question about setting up shares

This is probably a stupid question, but is there a way to mark folders to be included in one of my shares so that they are automatically updated in the shares folder when I add/change something? Or is the only way to add to the shares file to copy/paste or drag and drop?  I have not found a good way to do it, and it seems like doubling the space on the drive to backup my files and then add a SEPARATE copy of a bunch of the files to the shares drive.  It is quite possible I am missing a very simple and important concept to the shares files, but I have not found it yet…

And your drive is? I meant, the model number is?.. Maybe it comes with a backup software that could perform this automatically updates for you…

I think what you are trying to do is to sync with the specific folder under a Shared Folder.  The device with the included backup software (WD SmartWare) can only backup based on the content types and it captures all files and folders.  It will not be able to isolate a specific folder.  Right now for the moment, there is not sync function that comes with the MyBookLive.

For the time being, you will need to drag and drop of the entire folder

Im amaze that you can give an answer without knowing what’s the drive’s model number. Did he say that he has a My Book Live? What if he has a White lights? hahahaha :smiley: …Cant be guessing … I mean, the post is under My Book Live, however, what if he got confused and selected the wrong section? Hahaha

Well, it’s reasonable to expect that if he posts under the My Book Live section and is asking about synchronizing files to a network share, he probably has a My Book Live.  Of course, if he has something else he will respond and the post can be moved somewhere more appropriate.

Neither SmartWare for the My Book Live or My Book or My Passport USB drives, nor WD Anywhere Backup for the My Book World and ShareSpace drives will do exactly what he’s looking for, and the answer given by cheytac01 will apply to all of our harddrives.  We do not have folder synchronization software bundled with any of our products at this time.

Ouuuchhh, that hurted!!. :slight_smile:

Try to use SyncToy if you are using Windows platform. It is free and you can download from Microsoft web site.

It will synchronize your files within source folder and target folder. Though it is not real time update/synchronize, you are able to schedule the synchronize time, like everyday, each time login etc.

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I used sync toy today to do my first complete back up and load to my shared media folders. i have 13 different jobs that back up me and my wifes content from our computer to the drive. All folder structures are preserved. It is a little manual to set up but works great once you get it up and running.