Question about playing videos I downloaded from itunes

I jus bought the WD Live tv PLUS.  I have a movie on my hard drive that i downloaded from itunes. (its in the m4v format)  when I try to play on the WD live tv plus player it doesn’t work.  Does this player not support that format???  my other movies work that are in avi ect.  and even other movies that are in m4v that i didn’t get from itunes.  Any ideas???  THANK YOU

Anyone want to help and give me an answer lol?? Bueller Bueller??

the problem is that your movie has drm (digital rights managment) attached to it from itues you will only be able to play that file on your itunes acct.

what if I convert the file to another format?  will that do anything?  and thanks for responding!

It’s not the FORMAT.    It’s the ENCRYPTION.

Conclusion. Do not get videos from itunes.

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On the product page for the WD TV Live it specifically says that DRM-protected content from certain providers, including iTunes, can not be played on the device.