Question about new WD1000DHTZ


I have recently bought this drive [WD1000DHTZ] and I was wondering about something that makes me slightly uneasy.

As I installed the drive, on its first run it was constantly very loud until I shut the PC down. Once I rebooted it went quiet and stayed quiet. A few startups later and it’s still quiet. There are also no problems at all, cloned my disk, everything is a-ok and fast.

Everything is fine right? This is just the disk doing its first time spin-up right?


Hello there,

It sound normal to me.

See if the following link helps.


Checked the link given, none of those sound were heard.

The sound was actually more similar to this: except it was only during the disk’s first run. Now it’s okay.

Ran error checking and self test and everything seems fine!

Thanks for the help!