Question about My Passport Ultra 1tb

So im the happy owner of a passport ultra 1tb ext hdd. So i backed up some stuff of mine on it bla bla.  Currently i have some problems with the front case USB ports so i took of cables.

Anyway so i first connected my passport to the rear slots of the motherboard. I have 2 rows consisting of 6 usb slots. My mobo is an old Gigabyte with AM2 socket from 2008. When i first connected it  i probably put the cable into ROW2 ports. The drive ran smooth as butter. Today after connecting the drive again, mistankenly inserted the cable into ROW1. Everything went ultra SLOW! i thought OMG my drive is already having problems?! read down :





Number 5 is being used for my USB mouse. Now what i noticed is that if i plug my passport ultra drive into any usb port from ROW1, boy it’s taking like 3minutes to recognize my PU drive. Even the files becomes accessible very slow, although not all of them. But overall it’s a very slow file access loading.  Saftely removing the drive also takes about a 1min too.

BUT if i plug it into any port from ROW2 (which is free, no other device connected) the hard drive works just great as it’s intented too.

What gives? is this a basic simptom of lack of power? the USB mouse is interfering with my external drive? they sck each others power/data transfer speed or something? any tips ?

Other than that it works splendid and i love it. Sorry for my english btw.

Certain USB controllers need updates in order to get a better performance on the drive.

For more information please contact the motherboard or controller manufacturer.