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Thinking of buying a Cloud system with RAID… however I want it to be expandable… i.e., adding additional drives via USB.  I understand the the “My Clound” drives have 2 USB in which other drives can be added… With my limited understanding of RAID, I beleive the more drives within the RAID system, the better… data spread over more than just two drives…  
My Questions are:
1 - Will internal RAID system be active or additional drive?
2 - Will WD “My Book Duo” work with this system in tandom, if so will RAID work (is there a setting for linking these so the RAID is operated over ALL DRIVES…
Thanks for the knowledgeable response… :wink:


It is not possible to create a RAID using a WD My Cloud and a USB drive attached to it. This is not supported.

I suggest you visit the Western Digital site and look at what is shown there.

This is the WD My Cloud forum and the My Cloud has only one 3.0 USB. You can connect a powered USB hub to connect more than one device.

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Buy a real NAS from synology or someone else.