Question about My Book Duo Encryption (WDBFBE0080JBK-NESN)

Hi All. I am looking to buy an external USB drive that offers RAID1 for redundancy.

I have been researching and am considering the WDBFBE0080JBK-NESN. However, there appear to be a number of horror stories regarding the way that the devices automatically encrypt data that is saved to the drive, regardless of whether a password is set up using the WD Security utility.
I am not however able to ascertain whether this is specific to older models of the drive or also the newer models i.e. the one quoted above.

I have no need to create restricted access using password but do need to be able to ensure that if the device hardware/os fails, I am able to recover the data from the drives.

Appreciate your input



Seems to be a fairly inactive community here. Not wanting to take the risk, I went ahead and purchased an alternative.