Question about MBL functionality

I’m in the market for a new NAS and am considering a MBL. I used to have a Buffalo NAS that I used to stream movies to an XBMC setup. It worked great because all I had to do was map the drive and I could browse through the NAS’s existing folder structure for the movie I wanted to watch. Functionally, it was ideal, and I would like the same simplicity and ease of use in my next NAS. The only problem with the Buffalo NAS is that it crapped out in about a year. I would like to switch to Western Digital because I have expirienced much better durability and reliability with their products. My only hesitation is that in reading through this forum, there seems to be a lot of issues with the MBL. In my current set up, I will be streaming to an Xbox 360 and possibly a PS3 or WDTV Live Plus. I just don’t want to have to deal with any NAS side applications like Twonky. Also, I saw where the MBL apparently doesn’t keep the existing folder structure when browsing files on a 360. It just throws them all together and you have to sort them by certain parameters? Is that correct? So just wanted to find out if I will be able to use the MBL like my Buffalo NAS. Thanks in advance for any help.

Which Buffalo NAS model did you have?

I have a WD MyNet AC1300 (upgrade from a MyNet 750)  and an old 1 TB MyBookLive and I have no problems with MBL. But I also have a WD Sentinel 6TB model for home movies, pics and other stuff

and a WD TV Play for Netflix and Cinema Now since Cox Pay Per View selections are aweful…but I love that fiber channel  :slight_smile:

I can’t remember which Buffalo NAS it was but I went ahead and purchased a 3TB MBL and so far it has been really easy to set up and use. I was a little concerned about all of the issues I read about on the forum, but no problems so far.