Question about .M4V files

For the first time I downloaded a movie from ITUNES and figured it should be easy to convert to a type of file that will play on the WDTV.  After trying handbrake and a few other usually reliable programs I still am unable to convert it.  I got errors immediately  Anybody know a program to use or tell me what I am doing wrong.

I’m fairly certain whatever you downloaded is protected by Apple’s “Digital Rights Management,” meaning, it’s encrypted.

The only devices licensed by Apple via iTunes will be able to read or play those files.

Thanks  I guess I should of figured that.  I was hoping there was a fairly simple way around it.   I learned my lesson not to buy movies from Apple when I watch everything thru my WDTV.  

Yup, as  TonyPh12345 stated, the WD TV will not play any movie that downloaded from iTunes, the DRM make this impossible.

Does this mean any movie or just things that were purchased before they took off DMR