Question about Hz

WD player is on 60Hz. My TV is 100Hz. So when I’m playing my movie file do I get 60Hz or 100Hz? Many thanks.

Neither.  You get the frame rate the file is recorded in.

Actually the WD player is on DC power. But it does not matter for frame rate.

Thanks. You mean as in 23.976 for HD movies?

I don’t think josephtanyh is talking about power frequency Hz. I think he’s talking about refresh rate Hz. Generally, 24 fps progressive material shoud be watched with 24, 48, or 72 Hz (multiples of 24) in order to have perfect frame timing. Not all TVs have this 1080 24p mode (this mode maybe called Cinema 24p etc. under different brands). Similarly, 25p should be displayed with 50 or 100 Hz and 30p should be displayed with 60 or 120 Hz refresh rate. If the refresh rate is not a multiple of the frame rate some frames will be displayed out of sync causing a slight jump or jerk. This may be more evident in scenes with continious camera movements. But most people won’t notice this. If you have interlaced or pulldown material it gets more complicated so i am not gonna get into that :slight_smile: Ideally, WDTV live should automatically set the correct refresh rate based on the frame rate of the media and the capabilities of the TV. But I am not sure it does. I think Hub model has that.

That’s what I’m trying to find out.

It’d be very odd if your TV is actually OPERATING at 100Hz if the WD is set to 60Hz.  

It might be CAPABLE of 100Hz refresh, but it should match the WD and be OPERATING at 60Hz refresh if that’s what the WD is set to.

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There is a new beta firmware that has the auto framerate function. This function automatically selects the resolution and the refresh rate depending on the frame rate of the video. As I understand it, it performs an HDMI handshake whenever frame rate changes. But this is a limited public beta release so it’s probably a good idea to wait for the final release. Related thread: