Question? about HDD (wd5000bevt) NOT SPINNING, Fzakbar Please Help!

Model: wd5000bevt

Im trying to locate the tvs diodes to check, can you please help.

 here are some pics of the pcb.

I have mutimeter set to 200 ohms, what should be the readout…would like to make sure im doing this right.

I checked the sata pins, and when its connected via the sata to usb adapter, the 3 12v rails get no power, but the 3 5V rails do.   when connected directly; the 3 rails  get “13” Volts, as well as the 5V rails is that normal.

 not sure what the readout should be for the motor head pins, im getting around 1.4V for each of the 4.

I appreciate any help!, Thank you in advance.

PM Fzakbar he’s your guy…