Question about folder.jpg

I have a network share with several genre specific folders in it.   If I include an appropriately sized folder.jpg image in each one of those folders, shouldn’t that icon be displayed instead of the standard folder icon?   This doesn’t seem to work, regardless of what display mode I am in.  Despite the presence of a folder.jpg, only one of my folders is displaying something other than the generic folder icon, but it’s not the folder.jpg file.  Rather, it’s displaying the coverart (cars.jpg) for one of my movies.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong here. Is the use of folder.jpg dependent on a specific theme being used?   I’m new to the WDTV world and gathered this info from the Hub forums.  I assumed it would work on the latest WDTV Live Streamer since they seem to run the same firmware.

Yep…   if you have, inside a folder, these files:


  -+ MovieFile.mkv

  -+ MovieFile.jpg

  -+ folder.jpg

Then the FOLDER.jpg file should be displayed when you are looking AT the folder, and the MovieFile.jpg should be displayed when you’re IN the folder, looking at the movies inside.

folder.jpg works fine for me on my nas devices.  Not sure what the problem could be.

Thought that was the case.  That is exactly how I have it set up, but it’s not working that way for me.  MovieFile.jpg will display when I’m in the folder, but folder.jpg does not display when I’m looking at the folder.  I tried this on both Network and USB sources  

It looks like there are a few features that are supported on other WDTV products, that are not working on this new player. 

I spun my wheels for many hours trying to get this to work, along with the Media Library feature on a NAS source. 

nfodiz wrote:

folder.jpg works fine for me on my nas devices.  Not sure what the problem could be.

Odd.  I’m certain I have it set up correctly.   I guess I’ll tinker with it some more.

What makes it more frustrating, is that it’s displaying movie coverart for one of my folders, even though a folder.jpg is present. 

Yeah, same here…  All the JPGs work normally for me on ALL of the WD boxes.

Try changing the MovieName.jpg file TO folder.jpg and see if it works then.

Then, tr changing the folder.jpg to moviename.jpg and see if it works.

basically, just trying to see if maybe there’s a format issue with your folder.jpg files that are causing them to not display.

Good call. 

Changing MovieName.jpg file to folder.jpg worked. 

Changing folder.jpg to moviename.jpg does not work.

So, I guess the problem rests with the folder.jpg images I am using.  I downloaded them from the Hub theme forums.  I can’t find the link now.  There were 35 different images included. Dimensions are 185 x 265

Probably what you downloaded were PNG files where the extension was changed to JPG.

That USED to work on the Hub, but on the Hub Latest Firmware (and probably the Live) it no longer works.