Question about filtering content


I have an external hard drive attached to my Hub and I would like to see everything from both the full internal drive plus the external grouped together. I know that if I select any filter other than Folder it will do so, BUT then it shows all my TV Shows AND Movies lumped together, I don’t want that, it looks too messy, and on top of that I have 3D movies that aren’t named with 3D at the end because getting the content info will fail, example I have 2 copies of Avatar, one 3D one not, when they are lumped together you can’t tell the difference without some digging. Is there anything I can do to view all movies at once, not TV shows plus separate my 3D from regular?

I hope this makes sense…


Makes perfect sense…  But unfortunately, it’s not possible to do that.

One suggestion for the “Duplicates” issue is to modify the XML *after* you get the Content Info, and change the TITLE tag inside the XML to add " -3D" at the end.

Such as:

Avatar 3D

Then clear the media library and let it re-import the changes from the modified XML.

That might get you halfway to where you want to go…

My setup has music on the internal, movies on the plugged in drive and an external connected over a network has TV shows. I make the folders for each favorites and access them in the favorites menu. Only thing is if I have to clear the media library, I have to put them back, but it’s worth it. 

Thanks for the tip about editing the XML file, that took care of one issue, I’ll probably put the tv shows on a external drive and only plug it in when I want to watch something, it’s a minor inconvenience but it’s better than the alternative!

Thanks again,

Create a playlist and you can add whatever you want and name the playlist whatever you want